Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Studio W has left the Building!!

Exciting news - We have decided to expand our company’s wedding services working with vendors and brides in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Diego and Las Vegas. *News *News *News - We’ve moved out of our downtown location on Smith St. This started out as a great place to start our boutique makeup studio. As we discovered the Chinatown district in downtown Honolulu was not the right fit for us. We have a high level of standards and sophistication and the atmosphere we create for our clientele is very important to us. So we bid Chinatown – adieux!!!

Movie News- Wendy will be working on an yet untitled project will blog back with all the cool details.

Studio W is adding new staff as we continue to grow and expand!

I had so much fun in the last master class I can’t remember when I laughed so much, thanks ladies for making this last class a blast! Pictured from left to right - Deva, Angelina, Marylou, Me, Selina and Bianca

Big Congratulations to Studio W Makeup Academy Alumni Mahealani Mika Hirao-Solem who was crowned Miss Aloha Hula 2010 at the Merrie Monarch Festival. Way to go Mika!!

Finished working with Michelle and Mark they were married today - Happy Cinco de Mayo!! What a fun group from Australia. I wish them all the love, joy and happiness on their new journey together. We were working with L’Amour Photography Eric and Wendy you guys always make me smile, I love your energy!! One of these days I just have to make it down under I’ve met so many wonderful people from Australia.

My daughter always the prankster wanted a fake black eye for April Fool’s day as her mom I obliged fun makeup fooled everyone..

Pics from Trina & John's Wedding hey grooms need love too! Jill working her magic.

I hope you enjoy the new pics, I’ll post more of our wedding pics as we get them.

Happy 5th of May everyone!

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