Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My BFF called me over the weekend to tell me about a new reality show called Blush. It's about trying to find the best makeup artist in the world. Hey how come they didn't call me?? I consider myself to be one of the best I asked my husband what he thought he said there would be a conflict over Max Factor and Stargirl yes I say BUT the 100,000 prize would be fantastic.. Then I kick myself and say jeez why didn't I think of doing a show like this.. One of the contestants Mike I know him from a movie I worked on like a thousand years ago.. They have some character's on this show it makes for good entertainment if you’re in the biz...

Blush part 2-OK so now I don’t feel so bad about not getting the call for this show OMG! My first thoughts - where did they find these contestants??? Where did they get their training, if any? I am shocked at some of the unprofessional behavior shown by some of the contestants. In order to work and be successful in this business you have to satisfy the client and make them happy. It’s not about you or how good you think you are. The drama that goes on in this show. And Maxi you are just too much GIRL!!! Mike was kicked off the last episode bummer.. He was a film guy he did great special f/x makeup’s. I worked a low budget movie with him in the early 90’s. This is going to be great fodder for my makeup classes…

Rated- amusing and entertaining….

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I thought I would add this article from Hawaii Film & Video magazine as an industry insider I’m asked from time to time to be a guest writer

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